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Accessibility and convenience for everyone are two factors you need to consider for a small building or a home in California. Not everyone can climb up to the third floor of a small building or carry large items up two flights of stairs. If you or a family member in your home is encumbered by the stairs, part of the house is cut off. If you are in the starting stage of modification, give Nationwide Lifts a call. As America's leader in home elevators, Nationwide Lifts has a large selection of elevators, dumbwaiters, and stair lifts; a network of offices across the country, including three in California; and 24-7 telephone support. To learn more about our services, contact one of our California offices for a free consultation.

Products from Nationwide Lifts address many common physical or structural needs. Find elevators for homes with limited space, dumbwaiters for commercial establishments, or stair lifts for a variety of body types. Browse through our selection to find the right system for your home or small business.

The quality of Nationwide Lifts' products is equally met with our warranty. Backed by one of the best warranties in the industry, our products are covered for 10 years of mechanical parts, three of electrical parts, and one of labor.

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There is simply no other company that can offer you all of this.

If you are looking for a customized quote or just want to ask a question, get in touch with Nationwide Lifts today to start talking to a Home Elevator expert.