Apex Elite

Apex Elite

When it comes to wheelchair lifts, the Apex Elite is as good as it gets. It's an outstanding choice for luxury hotels, convention centers and other high-end commercial and residential buildings.

The Apex Elite is not an average wheelchair lift. It's built with an elevator hoistway.

This wheelchair lift was build and designed to handle indoor and outdoor use. The hoistway is designed from aluminum framing and features clear acrylic panels and landing doors.

The Apex Elite operates with a hydraulic lift mechanism for comfort, smoothness and dependability. This technology means people using this wheelchair lift will feel safe and secure. The Apex Elite is made with durable metal and comes with a choice of a stainless steel or brass finish. The glass panels are also framed with stainless steel or brass. The stainless steel means the Apex Elite is a terrific option for outdoor use. This metal enhances side guards, call-send stations and landing and platform gates.

This wheelchair lift has a weight capacity of 750 pounds and features a folding seat. It can travel up to 12 feet with up to two stops. It does not require an elevator pit, making it ideal for businesses where space is at a premium.

  • Designed for luxury settings
  • Stainless steel cab
  • Glass and stainless steel enclosure
  • Travel up to 14 feet


Standard Features

  • 750 lb Capacity
  • 25 fpm rated speed
  • Hydraulic drive system for smooth operation
  • Standard cab platform of 36x48, 36x54 and 36x60
  • 42" high platform side guard panels
  • Travel capability of up to 14 feet with up to 3 stops
  • No pit required (3" pit recommended to avoid ramp)
  • Emergency battery powered lowering with automatic battery recharging system
  • Automatic emergency lighting for added safety
  • Constant pressure up/down buttons
  • Emergency alarm/stop button
  • 115 VAC operation

Optional Features

  • Keyed call/send stations
  • Landing gates or landing doors
  • Public building package (needed for commercial applications)
  • Outdoor operation
  • Front/back and side exit configurations
  • Telephone on platform
  • Folding seat on platform

Apex Elite Photos

Apex Elite Wheelchair Lift
Apex Elite Wheelchair Lift
Apex Elite Wheelchair Lift
Apex Elite Wheelchair Lift

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