Glass Elevator

Vision Series Glass ElevatorsA glass elevator adds functionality as well as style to your home. Install one, and it immediately becomes the center of attention that every guest will notice. The clear panel construction compliments the space and provides a 360 degree view of a home that is truly exciting.

Nationwide Lifts, America's leading home elevator company, offers glass elevator models that may be ideal for your home. The Visi 58 Cable offers breathtaking views from its glass panels and elevates riders at 32 feet per minute. It travels up to 40 feet with five stops and features push button operation. It has an 830 pound capacity and is wheelchair accessible.

Cylindrical Glass Elevator: The Vision 830

The Vision 830 is a cylindrical glass elevator that integrates beautifully into your home. It operates on a winding drum system that utilizes two aircraft cables to safely and quietly move up to 830 pounds at a comfortable 30 feet per minute. It can be installed in applications with two to five stops and features a 14 square foot cab area that can accommodate wheelchairs. The fully clear glass elevator panels offer a dramatic, unobstructed view of your home.

The Vision 830 is also lauded for maximizing space. It doesn't require a shaft, pit, or machine room so it easily integrates into existing home structures.

Glass Elevator Options

Nationwide Lifts is proud to offer glass elevator options among its range of traditional and contemporary elevators that add convenience and style to your home.

Please call us today at 888-323-8755 for more information on the Nationwide line of residential elevators that come with expansive 10 year warrantees for mechanical parts that are unique to the industry.

Offices Across the United States

Nationwide is a company that lives up to its name with offices across the United States staffed with professionals who know the products and are committed to customer service. Contact us to learn more about our advanced glass elevator options and other first class home elevators.

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