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From your first meeting with us, you will see that we are a company driven by customer satisfaction.

We take time to explore your needs and assess your home so that we can present you every option available. This customer focused approach is shared by all our staff and technicians throughout our company. Nationwide Lifts offers homeowners the assurance of outstanding product features and benefits by aligning ourselves only with manufacturers who meet our high standards of excellence.

Nice installation and it works better than anticipated. Rare these days. It's a much better lift than the others we have used.

Thanks again for a job well done,
Peter Richard

I was so excited this morning and happy with the elevator and wanted so much to call you and tell you how much I love it and how grateful I am to have it.

Thank you,
Terry Fenwick

Alex was very great to work with. He walked through everything with us and we love it!

Thank you,
Brandon Wilcox

Alex answered all my questions and showed me everything related to the lift. Since my husband is blind and I will be the one operating it for him or assisting him it meant a great deal he were so thorough and understanding of the situation. I'm going to call the VA and tell them what an excellent job you did.

Thank you,
Mrs. Coe

Thanks for doing the job for us and doing a good job at that. I think that's the first time we've ever passed an elevator inspection first time around. Thanks again for a good job and look forward to the next one.

Dax Sedberry
Sedberry Construction Inc.

"My wife and I want to take this opportunity to commend Ryan for his superb work doing the install of the Visi-48 elevator at our residence. He is extremely knowlegeable and very professional and a true craftsman. We are both very particular and in all cases Ryan more than exceeded our expectations. He completely understands the theory and operation of the unit and was able to answer any questions that we had to our complete satisfaction. His focus on safety was greatly appreciated. Most importantly, Ryan delivers. He said what he was going to do and "did it"! His work was of the highest quality and he always made sure our house was left clean and orderly at the end of the workday, which was very important to us as we were living in the house during the install. Ryan was great to work with and we felt very comfortable with him in our house. He is a true credit to his profession and to Nationwide. We would not hesitate having him do any work for us or making an unqualified recommendation (as we already have) to other clients."

Dave Barakat

"It's the first elevator we have ever had installed and it went very smooth. It came together excellent! Coordination and delivery went very well. The inspection passed with flying colors."

Glenn Roehl (Developer)
Bullhead City, AZ

"When I had a service call, I received an immediate response and satisfaction. The company is fantastic! Love Andy"

Dolly Martin
Malibu, CA

"Nationwide Lifts is excellent. They solved all our problems in an efficient and effective manner. Love the company!"

Michael Sims
San Francisco, CA

It's an eventuality that many will face: how to handle the circumstance of an aging parent who can no longer live on their own.

More and more Americans are choosing to have their elderly parents move into their homes rather than have them enter a nursing home or other assisted living facility. By having loved ones move in to the home, it's much easier to monitor the type of the care that they receive. This isn't always the case if the parent resides in an assisted living facility.

Such was the choice that Ed and Patricia, a Leesburg, Virginia couple, made regarding Patricia's elderly mother. Ed, a structural engineer who moved to the United States from Holland in 1956, was happy to have her mother move in with them, but realized that their multi-level home could pose a challenge.

Ed and Patricia found a solution in the Freedom 750 elevator. Once it was installed, his mother-in-law no longer had to stay on the first floor of the home all of the time, but instead has freedom to move around the entire house.

Loss of independence is difficult for people as they get older, but the fact is that some tasks that used to be very simple can become nearly impossible for some as they age. Walking up and down the stairs is one such task that had become a challenge for Ed's mother –in-law.

"She is 99 years old," he said. "She doesn't walk the stairs anymore." A nursing home was not an option, but having to stay on one floor would have been frustrating. The addition of an elevator provided her with easy and independent access to the entire home. There are other benefits as well.

"I don't have to carry the heavy loads up and down the stairs," said Ed. It provides benefits for his mother-in-law AND for Ed. Sounds like a win-win!

Ed Heine
Leesburg, Virginia

It's hard not to wonder, when they moved into their Granada Hills, California home in 1961, if either Frank or Betty could imagine the wonderful memories that would be made there.

From holidays and birthdays with their children to spending time with their grandchild, their lovely home has been the backdrop for a life full of joy. Now, 46 years later, having to navigate the stairs was making living in the home a bit of a challenge. Frank admits that climbing the stairs was a whole lot easier in 1961, but the couple is not yet ready to leave the home where they watched their two daughters grow up.

They found some help in the form of an Apex 750 lift. Because they enjoy eating dinner upstairs, Frank, a talented wood craftsmen, added a shelf to the elevator so that he and Betty can easily transport dinner and other items from one floor to the other. He said that having the elevator makes life a little easier and that carrying bulky items, such as laundry and the vacuum cleaner, is much less challenging with the help of an elevator.

Being able to stay in their home is important to Frank and Betty. Frank has a wood shop where he can often be found working on projects, and while there are years worth of memories that have been made in their home, it's not all about the past.

New memories are being made all the time. Each Sunday their two daughters and one grandchild gather at the house for Sunday dinner. As it was in the past, their home is still the backdrop for family gatherings.

It's safe to say that fifty years down the road, the home of Frank and Betty will be a place that is talked about and remembered fondly by their grandchild as a place of love and laughter.

Frank & Betty
Granada Hills, CA

"Recently, my husband and I purchased a Savaria Step-Saver chair lift from your company. Our sales representative, Ron, encouraged us to install the unit ourselves in order to save money and avoid scheduling delays. When the unit arrived, we were intimidated by the installation manual. Ron immediately put us in touch with Andy Darnley, who guided my husband through the installation process over the phone. There was some confusion, because Savaria shipped us their new model without the latest documentation."

"After the installation was complete, we were having difficulties with the unit jamming and feeling very uncertain that we had a proper installation. Amazingly enough, Andy was traveling through our area the next week, and offered to drop by to check it. He arrived the day after Christmas. He and my husband made some minor adjustments, and he reviewed proper maintenance with us. I cannot express in words the peace of mind this gave me and the ENORMOUS gratitude we have! Our experience with your company's customer service was outstanding. We are very happy with the product we purchased, and would be happy to assist if you ever need a customer referral."


Victoria Orgel
San Francisco, CA

How do you leave behind 27 years of memories just because navigating the stairs has become a challenge? This was a question that Betty and Judd were facing after both had experienced health problems that made getting around their Redwood City home more difficult.

"We've been here a long time, and we didn't want to move," said Betty. "We love the area, and we love the house."

After having surgery on her foot, Betty had been unable to go downstairs to her kitchen, and was determined that she would never be in that position again. Thankfully, she was able to find a solution that allowed her and her husband to stay in the home they love: They installed an elevator.

Because the interior of their home features an open floor plan, they didn't have a flat wall where they could place an elevator. That is why they opted for the Vision 450. "It is a nice addition to our home," said Betty. "It looks very state of the art. Guests tell us that it looks great."

An elevator was a much more appealing option than moving from the home they love. Each Thanksgiving and Christmas her family gathers at the home to celebrate the holidays together. With five children and sixteen grandchildren you can be sure that it's quite a gathering!

Happily, Betty and Judd don't have to wait for holidays to enjoy the company of their large family.

"They visit us all the time," said Betty.

Along with all of the memories their home holds, there are new reasons every day to want to stay. Betty described the view they have from their house that sits on over an acre of land.

"There are lots of trees," she said. "And nice views of the bay."

Betty & Judd
Redwood City, CA

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