Residential Elevators in Chicago, Illinois, and Beyond

Has going up to the second floor of your home become impossible? Do clients or patients complain about walking up to the third floor of your building or not being able to because of a disability? If you have found yourself in either of these situations, you most likely realize that your Illinois property needs better accessibility. Whether your building is subject to the Americans with Disabilities Act or not, it never hurts to add convenience by installing home elevators, stair lifts, or dumbwaiters. When you’re considering home elevators in Chicago, Rockford, or Decatur, you can count on America’s leader: Nationwide Lifts. We have a wide selection of lifts and elevators perfect for homes and offices across Illinois.

Elevators, dumbwaiters, and stair lifts can address a variety of needs for commercial buildings or residences. If accessibility for the disabled is your primary concern, consider our wheelchair lifts, traction or hydraulic elevators, or stair lifts. If you simply want to offer more convenience or reduce the risk of falling on the stairs, take a look at our pneumatic elevators or dumbwaiters. Check out our catalog and you’ll see a huge array of high-quality options for residential elevators: Chicago homeowners are spoiled for choice with Nationwide Lifts!

The quantity of our products is matched by the quality of our service. When you work with Nationwide Lifts, you will find that we believe in honesty, dedication, quick responses, and customer satisfaction. Having one of the best warranties in the industry is part of this commitment. Our products have ten years of coverage for mechanical parts, three years for electrical parts, and one year for labor, so when you buy our home elevators in Chicago, Illinois, or anywhere else in the state, you’ll be buying peace of mind, too.

Need help deciding on one of our residential elevators? Chicago homeowners can stop by our Illinois office for a free consultation. If you live in Peoria, Springfield, Champaign, or anywhere else in the Prairie State, we’re also available by phone for your convenience. We’re fully licensed to install and service home elevators, wheelchair lifts, and dumbwaiters across Illinois, and we’d be glad to assist you in taking care of your mobility needs.

Nationwide Lifts Illinois Office

P.O. Box 470
Sandwich, IL 60548

Toll Free: 888-323-8755
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General Manager: Casey Dyon,

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