How Large Must A Home Elevator Be To Fit A Wheelchair?

Freedom Home ElevatorsAre you installing an elevator in your home or office building to aid certain persons using a wheelchair? If so, you might be concerned that your elevator of choice won't be large enough for a wheelchair user. How large does an elevator have to be in order to service a wheelchair user? Not as large as you may have thought.

Keep reading to discover the secret to installing an elevator for wheelchair users.

Secret of Size – Most, if not all, elevators are in fact large enough to service a person in a wheelchair. Even some of the smaller pneumatic elevators are large enough to service one wheelchair user at a time. The problem is not whether or not the elevator is large enough to hold a wheelchair but whether or not the elevator is large enough to allow a wheelchair user to move around inside the elevator car. Keep reading to discover why it's important that wheelchair user has free movement inside the elevator car.

Interior Car Space – It's not enough to have an elevator large enough allow a wheelchair to enter; you should also make sure there is enough interior space for the wheelchair user to move around. This is important because the wheelchair user should be able to enter the elevator, turn around, and prepare to exit the elevator once they reach their destination. It is also important to have excess space inside the elevator car so that more than one person or wheelchair user can access the elevator at one time. If you're installing the elevator in your home, you may not need a very large elevator car; however, if you're installing an elevator in a business office, you'll want to make sure the elevator car can carry both wheelchair users and non-wheelchair users at the same time. It's not about making sure the elevator car is large enough to hold a wheelchair user, but making sure the wheelchair car is large enough to service a large number of persons.

Location of Installation – Not only is the actual size of the elevator car important, but so is the location of your elevator. It's one thing to make sure that the wheelchair will fit inside the elevator car and another to ensure that the wheelchair user will be able to board and de-board the elevator safely. Make sure you install the elevator in an open area away from obstructions. Furniture, staircases, bookshelves, and the like can make it difficult for a disabled person to board the elevator safely.

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