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You can always expect quality products, honesty, quick responses, and complete satisfaction when working with Nationwide Lifts, the leading supplier of residential elevators. Dallas residents can attest to our good business practices. As America’s leader in home elevators, we have several local offices across the country, including one in the Dallas, Texas, area. If your home or commercial office requires better access or more mobility options, contact our eastern Texas office for a free consultation to discuss the purchase and installation of business or home elevators. Dallas homeowners trust us to provide them with quality lifts and expert service, and you should, too!

Our local office near Dallas is fully licensed to sell and install residential and commercial elevators, wheelchair lifts, stair lifts, and dumbwaiters, which can improve accessibility within your Dallas home or small building. Elevators with pneumatic, hydraulic, or traction systems are a practical addition, limiting up-the-stairs lifting and reducing climbing injuries between floors. Stair and wheelchair lifts are ideal for helping an individual get from one floor to another and can even be designed for the outdoors, providing yet another use for our residential elevators. Dallas, TX, terrain can be unique in some areas, and anyone who chooses to invest in our elevators can ensure mobility and accessibility in the most challenging spots. We also carry dumbwaiters, which are an efficient solution for moving items between floors and can assist with reducing carrying and fall-related injuries.

Our Dallas office collaborates with local builders and architects for professional installation, and customers with questions and concerns have access to 24/7 telephone support. All of our products are backed by one of the most extensive warranties in the industry: 10 years for mechanical parts, three years for electrical parts, and one year for labor for both commercial and residential elevators. Dallas, TX, customers are covered no matter what they purchase, be it a stair lift or a dumbwaiter.

For expanding accessibility options within your home and increasing independence with home elevators, give our office a call. We’ll help you learn more about our products or about financing home elevators. Dallas homeowners can explore our different models and take home a free catalog to explore their options. Contact us today and you’ll soon see why we’re the top name in residential elevators. Dallas residents can count on Nationwide Lifts!

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