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Indy Lux Stair LiftThe day that you learned that you could no longer safely use the stairs in your home was a sad one. Now that you know that stairs are no longer safe, its time to make some big decisions. If you choose to stay in your home, you may need to install an elevator or lift – if so, here are some reasons why home lifts and elevators are a great idea.

Cost-Conscious Alternative to an In-Home Elevator

In-home elevators can be expensive, so if you're trying to find a way to stay in your home but simply can't afford the installation and maintenance of a full service elevator, then check out the lift elevators from! Lift elevators work just as well as full-sized elevators and are easier on your budget. As long as you are able to board the traveling chair or roll your wheelchair onto the moving platform, lift elevators are as easy as one, two, three. The following are just two of the many lift elevators available at

Rather Not Climb The Stairs?

If you're not a regular wheelchair user and feel comfortable boarding and operating a stair-climbing chair lift, you should probably check out one of's stair lift models. One model, the Electra-ride III curved stair lift, is great for virtually any home staircase. This model glides up your stairs, hovering mere inches off the floor. Board the plush chair for a smooth ride to the next level of your home! This model is especially great, because it follows the natural curve of your staircase; traveling along spiral and grand staircases are not a problem!

Get Up The Stairs Still In Your Wheelchair

Perhaps you are a regular wheelchair user and you don't feel comfortable getting in and out of your wheelchair to ride a stair lift. In this case, has a great lift elevator just for you. The Apex 500 Wheelchair Lift is the best all-around lift that carries you and your wheelchair safely between the levels of your home. The great thing about this elevator lift is that it can be used inside or outside of your home. You'll love the ride and security of the Apex 500's four enclosed walls and fully loaded safety features. Regain your freedom at home with this safe, comfortable, and efficient wheelchair lift.

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