What Happens to an Elevator During a Fire?

Freedom Commercial LULA ElevatorCertainly a fire is always frightening, but panic during a fire only makes things worse.

If you are in or around an elevator during a fire, it's important to know what to do.

All elevators should have fire service modes. The fire service mode can be automatically activated whenever smoke is detected in the building. It can also be activated manually using a key switch on the ground floor. When the fire service mode is activated, the elevator cab is designed to return to the ground floor. If smoke is detected on the ground floor, the elevator is designed to return the cab to an alternate floor. Once the cab has arrived at the recall floor, the elevator doors should open.

Fire experts tell us it is never right to use an elevator for transportation during a fire. This is true even in a two-story building. Elevator shafts may be exposed to smoke and that smoke could reach occupants.

This all highlights how important safety features are for commercial and home elevators. We trust that commercial elevators will have safety features and mechanisms in place. Why should home elevators be any different? Just because a home does not have as many floors as most commercial buildings does not make safety any less important. There is still the risk of electrical problems or mechanical failure. These feature should include an emergency alarm and stop button, battery powered emergency lowering capability in addition to manual lowering capability and emergency interior cab lighting.

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