Cable Elevators

Visi-48 Cable ElevatorAt Nationwide Lifts, we offer elevators that are driven by cables. These cable elevators use a system that combines steel ropes, a sheave, counterweight, electric motor, and guide rails to move the elevator car up and down. This design is very safe and efficient in comparison to many other types of elevator systems.

How Cable Elevators Operate

A cable elevator is powered by an electric motor that turns a sheave, or pulley. Depending on which way the sheave is turned, it will either move the elevator car up or down. The sheave grips hoist ropes that are connected to the elevator car on one end and a counterweight on the opposite end. The counter weight normally weighs about the same as the car would weigh when filled at 40 percent capacity. By utilizing the counterweight, the elevator can use less energy. When the car's load equals that of the counterweight, the elevator can move with using very little energy. Both the elevator car and the counterweight move up and down on their own guide rails. The track makes sure that the car and counterweight do not sway back and forth.

Cable Elevators Are Safe

Cable elevators are very safe because they have emergency automatic braking systems and multiple ropes. Only in the movies will you see an elevator plummeting to the bottom of the elevator shaft. One rope can withstand the entire weight of the elevator car and counterweight. In the unlikely event that a rope breaks, the other ropes will hold the car up. If it was to ever start to fall downward, the emergency brakes would stop the elevator from moving.

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