Residential Home Elevator

Freedom Green Residential ElevatorA residential home elevator can benefit people with different needs. Some people want the luxury of an elevator in their home, while others may need one due to physical restrictions. No matter what your reason for purchasing a residential home elevator, it will make moving between floors in your home much easier. There are several different residential home elevator systems to review before picking one for your home.

At Nationwide Lifts, we offer two styles of residential home elevator systems: Traditional and Contemporary. The three main types of residential home elevator systems are hydraulic, pneumatic, and cable-driven.

Traditional style residential home elevators are luxurious smaller versions of the systems you would see in buildings. They have sliding doors, and you cannot be seen while inside. You can get Traditional style residential home elevators with either hydraulic or cable-driven systems. The Hydraulic residential home elevators work by using a hydraulic arm to lift the elevator car up and down between floors. Some people prefer this system, because the elevator car is never suspended in the air and it is always being held up by the hydraulic arm. However, they may require a machine room, depending on size, and the hydraulic fluid must be changed regularly.

A cable driven residential home elevator moves between floors by using a motor, cables, counterweight, and a car that moves along a track. While this system is louder than a hydraulic system, it uses much less energy. At Nationwide Lifts, we carry Traditional residential home elevators that use both systems, so you can choose the one you like best.

Contemporary residential home elevators are more modern, with a futuristic look. Some of them even use a new type of elevator system called pneumatic. These pneumatic residential home elevators use a vacuum system that sucks the elevator car up and down between floors. The pneumatic elevators do not need a machine room, pit, or hoist way, making them very affordable and taking less time to install. At Nationwide Lifts, our pneumatic elevators also come with cylindrical cabs that have panoramic visibility. Their design and size make them easy to install without taking up much space at all. We also offer a cable driven and hydraulic model for those who do not wish to use a pneumatic system.

At Nationwide Lifts, we can meet all of your residential home elevator needs. Browse our selection of Traditional and Contemporary models to see which ones use each elevator system. Choose the style and system you wish to have in your home!

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