How Long Does it Take to Install a Traditional Home Elevator?

Freedom Home ElevatorsThe timeframe for creating and installing a home elevator depends on the type of elevator you plan to install. The first step is deciding which operating system will work best in your home.

Hydraulic elevators are the traditional style.

Hydraulic elevators feature a cab that can be manually lowered down the hoist way. A hydraulic elevator requires a machine room to operate that will take up space and require additional installation time.

One manufacturer estimates that once an order is placed it takes four to five weeks to build the elevator to the specifications for your home. To install a traditional elevator, you have to dig the pit, install the elevator shaft, build the machine room, and then start working with the wiring. Once the site is fully prepared, technicians can install the elevator in three days.

Another manufacturer estimates a traditional elevator takes four days' installation time with a crew of three and 10-hour days, assuming the site preparation is completed properly. Additional site modifications take extra time, and each additional floor requires one day.

Other types of home elevators include a winding drum or machine traction drive elevator that have the cab suspended in the hoist way and move between floors by means of a counterweight or rail-like mechanism. A pneumatic elevator moves a cab between floors by a vacuum suction mechanism. These types of elevators don't require a machine room and can be installed faster than traditional elevators.Vacuum elevators can be installed within a day or two because there are fewer parts.

If not properly installed, home elevators can be very dangerous.

Make sure your residential elevator dealer helps with your elevator installation based on the style, structure, and design of your residential setting.

Once the building configuration is studied, the dealer can start installing the elevator and make sure the job is completed on time and within budget. After installation, the dealer will check to insure the elevator is working properly.

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The actual installation of the elevator will take about three days for a traditional elevator and slightly less for other elevator models. Check with your dealer to ascertain the exact time before placing your order.

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