Elevator Systems

Freedom LULA Elevator SystemAt Nationwide Lifts, we carry a wide variety of residential elevators, many of which use different types of elevator systems. When choosing the right elevator for your home, you must first decide which kind of elevator system you want to use.

Cable Driven Elevator System

Cable driven elevator systems use a pulley, counterweight, electric motor, and track to move the elevator car up and down the shaft. One of the advantages of our cable driven elevators at Nationwide Lifts is that they do not require a pit and machine room. Not having to build a pit and machine room will cut down on labor prices during installation. The electric motor turns the pulley and moves the cables to raise and descend the elevator car. The counterweight helps the elevator use less energy, and the track ensure that the counterweight or car do not sway. They have been more popular than hydraulic elevator systems, because they do not use hydraulic fluid, making them more environmentally friendly and require less maintenance.

Hydraulic Elevator System

Hydraulic elevator systems use hydraulic fluid and a piston to move the elevator car up and down between floors. Some people like them over other elevator systems because of their safety and reliability. They are common in low-rise residential homes, because they are lifted easily between floors. They work by pumping hydraulic fluid into the cylinder of the hydraulic arm through a valve. The piston is forced up by the pressure of the hydraulic fluid and the elevator car is pushed up with it. The process is reversed to bring the elevator car back down safely. This system is also popular, because it is never suspended in the air like a cable elevator. However, many of the hydraulic elevators require a pit and machine room, and the hydraulic fluid needs to be changed regularly.

Pneumatic Elevator Systems

A pneumatic elevator system utilizes a vacuum that literally sucks the elevator car up and down the elevator shaft. This system has grown more popular recently because of its modern design and easy installation. A pit or machine room is never needed, and there is little to no modifications needed in your home to have one. They are great for smaller homes that may only need one stop, or for homes that have only one or two occupants. At Nationwide Lifts, we carry elevators that use pneumatic systems in several sizes, even ones big enough for a wheelchair. They are not as popular with people who like a more traditional look and are louder than cable elevators.

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