Small Dumbwaiter Lifts

Jeeves Econo Lift DumbwaiterDumbwaiter lifts are small freight elevators designed for lifting objects instead of people. While small dumbwaiter lifts are installed into homes for this purpose, larger models are often found in commercial settings. Multi-floor restaurants, libraries, and package facilities may use small to large dumbwaiter lifts to some degree. As this device is designed like a small elevator, it is used solely for transporting items from floor to floor. For safety, a person should never attempt to use a dumbwaiter like an elevator. 

Although dumbwaiters have been used for hundreds of years, electric models were not developed until the 19th century. Elisha Otis, who later developed the first safety elevator for people, created the first electric dumbwaiter after witnessing the hazards of manual models in a manufacturing plant. Presently, small and large dumbwaiter lifts are sold in kit and custom forms and are installed into preexisting structures.

Jeeves dumbwaiters, sold through Nationwide Lifts, come in kits and may also be custom-made. A typical Jeeves dumbwaiter consists of a wooden cab, rails, and a controller button. The specific features of these small dumbwaiter lifts made for homes and commercial settings include a controller with text display, call buttons, a rail and trolley system, a rollup gate cab, maintenance-free motor-gear assembly, and interlock door safety devices. Jeeves dumbwaiters are also built with such safety mechanisms a slack cable, final limit, and trolley brake.

Jeeves dumbwaiters, as well, move at 30 feet per minute and are designed to travel a set distance. Small dumbwaiter lifts can travel 35 feet with four stops, while larger dumbwaiters travel 70 feet with seven stops. 

Although a dumbwaiter is a simple device in appearance, some precautions need to be taken while loading and lifting. Determine the weight before you load, regardless of the items transported; this figure should be listed on the outside of the device. To load, bring the cab to your floor by pressing the call button and, once it arrives, fill it, close the door, and press "send." The cab will go to the directed floor, and all you need to do is open the door and retrieve them.

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