Hydraulic Elevator

Freedom Hydro Home ElevatorThere are many different types of residential elevators you can choose from. Here at Nationwide Lifts, we offer hydraulic, cable, and pneumatic drive elevators. While all are great, safe drive systems that have their own advantages, the hydraulic elevator systems are one of the more popular options.

What You Get With A Nationwide Lifts Hydraulic Elevator

The hydraulic elevators that we carry at Nationwide Lifts have a basic cab that is attached to a lifting system. The cab is attached to guide rails or a rope inside the hoist way. The elevator is put in motion by a hydraulic ram, a fluid-driven piston mounted inside a cylinder underneath the cab. The system is all based on the hydraulic pump that powers the elevator. The cylinder for a hydraulic elevator is connected to a system that consists of a tank, pump, and valve that pumps hydraulic oil.

How Hydraulic Elevators Operate

Within the system, the pump moves hydraulic oil from a tank to a pipe connected to the cylinder. A valve is by the cylinder, and when it opens, the fluid goes back into the tank. When the valve is closed, the fluid goes into the cylinder, where it builds up and pushes the piston. The piston being forced up allows the elevator car to go up with it. As the car comes downward, the elevator system sends a signal to the pump, and the process reverses.

A hydraulic elevator system requires more than just pumps, tanks, and cylinders to operate. The full system is normally built into your home with a pit and a machine room. However, at Nationwide Lifts, our hydraulic elevators do not require this. By not needing a pit and machine room built, you will save a ton on installation. Our Vision hydraulic elevators only need a reinforced wall for the rail and floor cutout.

For Maximum Safety A Hydraulic Elevator is The Way to Go

A hydraulic elevator is a great choice for maximum safety. The car is never suspended in the air inside the hoist way because it is always being held up by the hydraulic arms. However, they can be considered less environmentally friendly in comparison to other more energy efficient designs. Maintenance for the hydraulic elevator consists of regularly changing the hydraulic fluid. Check out all of our hydraulic elevator designs and options on our website!

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