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Have you thought about making your North Carolina home or building more accessible? If so, consider all that Nationwide Lifts has to offer. In addition to a large and varied selection of home elevators, dumbwaiters, and stair lifts, Nationwide Lifts has one of the best warranties in the industry, 24-7 phone support, and an extensive network of local offices. If an elevator, stair lift, or dumbwaiter would make accessibility for your home or building better, give our coastal or western North Carolina office a call.

Homes and buildings all have different designs, and consequently, residential elevators, dumbwaiters, and stair lifts are built to address these needs or limitations. If you need convenience or accessibility but have a limited space, look into our pneumatic home elevators, narrow stair lifts, or smaller dumbwaiters. This isn't all we offer, however, and as you can see from our selection, hydraulic and green elevators, wheelchair lifts, and commercial dumbwaiters are just some of the specific products we carry.

Our warranty and customer service match the quality of our products. In addition to around-the-clock phone support, Nationwide Lifts' local North Carolina offices work with builders and architects for timely and high-quality installation. All products, as well, are covered by an extensive warranty: 10 years for mechanical parts, three for electrical parts, and one for labor.

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There is simply no other company that can offer you all of this.

If you are looking for a customized quote or just want to ask a question, get in touch with Nationwide Lifts today to start talking to a Home Elevator expert.