How does a Pneumatic Elevator Work

Vision Glass Home ElevatorsMany elderly people and those with physical limitations have been having elevators installed in their homes to maintain their mobility. People who use a walker, wheelchair, or just have trouble using the stairs can benefit from having a residential elevator. A popular choice has been elevators that use a pneumatic system, because they are easy to install and are very affordable.

How does it work?

Pneumatic systems use vacuum technology to move the elevator cab between floors. Turbines at the top of the elevator shaft draw air out of the tube, and this causes the cab to be pulled upward. When the cab reaches the designated level, steel brakes secure it at the landing. When the cab goes down, the turbines turn on briefly to lift the cab off the brakes. Once the turbine shuts off, the cab drifts slowly and quietly to the desired floor, where the brakes will engage once again.

Pneumatic vs. other residential elevator systems

One of the biggest benefits of choosing a pneumatic elevator over other residential systems is the cost. Many residential elevators use hydraulic or cable-driven drive systems that require a pit or machine room to be built to support the structure. The labor costs can be high when workers have to spend days modifying a home and creating a pit or machine room. Unlike the other systems, pneumatic elevators never need a pit or machine room and require minimal installation. They can attach to a balcony or a hole in the floor for added support.

Another advantage is that pneumatic elevators are very energy efficient, giving them a low operation cost. Pneumatic elevators use almost zero energy when the cab is descending, because it takes advantage of gravity and the air pressure beneath it. The low cost of installation and ownership make pneumatic elevators an inexpensive residential elevator option.

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Pneumatic elevators can help provide those with a physical limitation regain their mobility and freedom. Many people have to leave their homes because they can no longer reach their bedroom or bathroom on another floor. A residential pneumatic elevator is an inexpensive and safe way to continue being independent.

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