Commercial Dumbwaiter

Jeeves Pro Commercial DumbwaiterThat elevator in your office building is seldom empty. What do you do when various objects need to be transported from floor to floor? Relying on a basic passenger elevator is a risk and will take longer. Rather, a dumbwaiter, a small freight elevator designed solely for objects, is helpful. Dumbwaiters can support from 100 to 1000 pounds, with the latter amount being ideal for commercial designs.

Nearly all types of commercial buildings will benefit from a dumbwaiter.

Most models are used for moving food, dishes, clothing, books, documents, and carts between various floors. Restaurants, for example, often use dumbwaiters to move food up from a kitchen to a dining area on a second or third floor. Some brands, such as Jeeves, make commercial dumbwaiters designed specifically for restaurants; one of these models is designed with shelves insides to support food and dishes. Libraries, banks, hospitals, courthouses, museums, and laboratories are other common commercial locations for dumbwaiters.

No matter if the dumbwaiter is used in a commercial setting or in a home, it consists of a movable frame inside a shaft. Suspended from a rope attached to a pulley, the cab moves up and down the shaft by rails. Originally manual, dumbwaiters today use a motor to go between floors of a building. If you're considering adding a commercial dumbwaiter, a licensed elevator technician can install one into your building. After installation, however, the commercial dumbwaiter needs to comply with ASME codes, many of which overlap with those for passenger elevators.

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Jeeves dumbwaiters, sold through Nationwide Lifts, are designed for commercial buildings. Each model consists of a powder-coated steel cab with a gate, uses interlock door safety devices, can move up to 35 feet per minute, and includes an LCD display that indicates the location of the cab. All Jeeves commercial dumbwaiters are the only UL-certified systems in the United States.

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