VisiliftTM Round

The VisiliftTM Round is the newest home elevator utilizing an integrated fully clear acrylic hoistway and completely self contained design.

The VisiliftTM Round requires no shaft, no pit and no machine room. Designed to integrate beautifully into existing homes or new construction, the VisiliftTM Round provides power and design into today’s most discriminating homes.

  • Contemporary Residential Elevator
  • Unique Round, Clear Design
  • 100% Code Compliant
  • Smooth, Quiet Cable Driven Operation

Technical Specifications

The winding drum system utilizes two aircraft cables to safely and quietly move up to 830 lb. at a comfortable 32 feet per minute. The VisiliftTM Round can be installed in applications from 2-5 stops with a maximum distance of 50 feet. The VisiliftTM Round ’s large 14 square foot cab area can easily and safely accommodate wheelchairs. The fully clear acrylic panels that encompass the VisiliftTM Round offers an unobstructed view of your home. A recessed ceiling light illuminates the cab. Installation costs are significantly reduced because the VisiliftTM Round requires no pit and no machine room. This also makes it easier to adapt into many home styles.

Additional Features

There is also an automatic emergency cab lighting system for added safety. If you’re looking for today’s most contemporary home elevator, look no further than the VisiliftTM Round . The VisiliftTM Round combines the convenience of a well built home elevator with a unique design element that will quickly become the focal point for your visitors and guests.


Drawings & Guides

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VisiliftTM Round Drawings-Elevation PDF
VisiliftTM Round Specifications PDF
VisiliftTM Round Plan PDF

Standard Features

  • Wheelchair accessible
  • 830 lb capacity
  • 32 fpm rated speed
  • Variable speed drive system for smooth, quiet operation
  • Standard cab platform of 52” diameter or 13.44 Sq. Ft.
  • 84” interior cab height
  • Travel capability of up to 50 feet with 5 stops
  • No pit requirement for easy adaptation to new or existing homes: 4” ramp provided
  • Automatic emergency cab lighting for added safety
  • Emergency alarm and stop buttons
  • One recessed ceiling light
  • Illuminated haloed push buttons in car
  • Automatic timed lighting
  • 230V operation
  • Standard black color

Optional Features

  • Balcony Ring
  • No ramp necessary if 4" pit is provided
  • Custom colors
  • Flush floor ring on first landing if 4” pit is provided

VisiliftTM Round Photos

Visilift<sup>TM</sup> Round  Home Elevator
Visilift<sup>TM</sup> Round  Home Elevator
Visilift<sup>TM</sup> Round  Home Elevator
Visilift<sup>TM</sup> Round  Home Elevator

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