Indy Outdoor

This unit is built to handle the elements.  Rain, snow, and extreme temperatures are no problem for this durable stair lift.

The Indy Outdoor stair lift is reliable, safe, durable and designed to withstand the elements. Don't compromise your independence, inside or outside your home. An outdoor stair lift of this quality allows you to navigate the stairs outside your home with confidence and ease – at any time of year!

  • 350 lb Capacity
  • Corrosion Resistant Components
  • Canvas Cover

Durable & Reliable

The Indy Outdoor is built with simplicity and durability in mind.  The chair is lifted using stainless steel aircraft cable on an aluminum track, so rust is not an issue.  The electronics are hidden in a weather-tight compartment under the chair.  The chair is upholstered with durable vinyl.  A canvas cover is provided for when not in use.

Form & Function

The Indy Outdoor represents more than a decade of research and engineering. With a honeycomb rail design for improved stability, and visual coded diagnostics to instantly analyze the unit’s operational status, the Indy Outdoor is the epitome of form and function.

Additional Features

With a rated weight capacity of 350 lbs and sensors that detect any obstacles on the stairs, the Indy Outdoor moves up and down your exterior stairs with power and efficiency.


Standard Features

  • Made in the USA.
  • Low voltage Class 2 circuit for safety
  • Safety sensors stop lift if obstruction is in the way
  • Seat swivels 90° toward landing at every level for easy entry and exit
  • Weight capacity: 350 lbs
  • Travel distance: 16 ft standard – available up to 20 ft
  • Speed: 20 feet per minute
  • Incline limits: 30° – 45°
  • Drive system: Aircraft cable rated for 4,200 lbs
  • Track type: Anodized extruded aluminum

Optional Features

  • None

Indy Outdoor Photos

Indy Outdoor Residential Stair Lift
Indy Outdoor Residential Stair Lift
Indy Outdoor Residential Stair Lift

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