Apex Hydro

The Apex Hydro is a vertical platform wheelchair lift ideal for both homes and commercial buildings.

The sturdy design of this vertical wheelchair lift has the same safeties as typical elevators, only without the enclosed cab. This wheelchair lift uses hydraulic operation and operates on 115VAC. When the vertical travel is over 6', this wheelchair lift must be installed in an elevator shaft.

  • Affordable Handicap Accessibility
  • Residential or Commercial Use
  • Up to 14' of Vertical Travel
  • Smooth Hydraulic Operation


The wheelchair can move loads up to 750lbs and has a speed of 25fpm. The cab has dimensions of 34 inches wide and 54 inches deep, with 42 inch high side guard panels. The wheelchair lift can travel up to 14 feet with three stops. In addition, emergency features of the wheelchair lift include an alarm and stop button.


Drawings & Guides

Apex Hydro - Doors 90 Degrees Left - Cab PDF DWG
Apex Hydro - Doors Opposite Sides - Cab PDF DWG
Apex Hydro - Doors Same Side - Cab PDF DWG

Standard Features

  • 750 lb Capacity
  • 25 fpm rated speed
  • Hydraulic drive system for smooth operation
  • Standard cab platform of 36x48, 36x54 and 36x60
  • 42" high platform side guard panels
  • Travel capability of up to 14 feet with up to 3 stops
  • No pit required (3" pit recommended to avoid ramp)
  • Emergency battery powered lowering with automatic battery recharging system
  • Automatic emergency lighting for added safety
  • Constant pressure up/down buttons
  • Emergency alarm/stop button
  • 115 VAC operation

Optional Features

  • Custom size cab up to 42x60
  • Keyed call/send stations
  • Landing gates or landing doors
  • Public building package (needed for commercial applications)
  • Outdoor operation
  • Front/back and side exit configurations
  • Telephone on platform
  • Folding seat on platform

Apex Hydro Photos

Apex Hydro Wheelchair Lift
Apex Hydro Wheelchair Lift
Apex Hydro Wheelchair Lift
Apex Hydro Wheelchair Lift

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