Should You Use a Dumbwaiter in Your Restaurant?

Let’s face it: Restaurants need to rely on convenience. Sure, going to a restaurant should be about great food and a nice social experience, but it’s also about convenience. Restaurants need to be efficient or they won’t be in business for very long.

This is why dumbwaiters can be great tools for restaurants. A restaurant two stories or more can see immediate dividends because of a dumbwaiter.

Some might think of dumbwaiters as ancient tools of the past, antiquated and out-of-date. This simply isn’t true.

What is true is that dumbwaiters do have a rich history in our country. They gained popularity in the U.S. back in the 1840’s. The technology was simple. The dumbwaiter was made up of a movable frame that was dropped by a rope, put on a pulley and guided by rails. Electric motors would be added in the 1920’s. Dumbwaiters are still around today, proving to be a convenient and reliable tool in the service industry.

They also save money. Dumbwaiters can cut down on labor costs in places like restaurants, hotels and banquet halls. There is no need to have staffed kitchens on different levels. Instead, motorized dumbwaiters can deliver food between floors. They can also help with cleanup, as used dishes and glasses can be delivered to the main kitchen and cleaning area. This is convenient and saves time.

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Check out what modern dumbwaiters have to offer. You can choose a motorized dumbwaiter that is simple to install and requires little in the way of maintenance. What could be more convenient?

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