Stairlifts Design

Indy Pinnacle Stair LiftDid you know that walking up and down stairs is one of the leading causes for falls for people at any age? For those with mobility problems, a stairlift can be beneficial to help reduce falls for people most vulnerable to them. Other benefits of using a stair lift are that less stressful stair travel can reduce wear and tear on ankles, hips, and knee joints and the stairlift allows for more freedom of movement and domestic independence.

Are stairlifts for everyone or can a home elevator be more suited for accessibility for his or her living situation. The first question to ask would be, "Can they left themselves on the stair lift chair?" If not, an elevator may be a better mobility option. Second, "Can they hold down a pressure switch?" A pressure switch, either as a joystick or a button, allows the chair to move and almost all models of stair lifts have this feature. If the person is capable of holding down the switch and getting into the chair, the stairlift should come with a safety belt and the person should be able to have control of his or her upper body.

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