Stiltz Duo

Easily add a small elevator to your home with a Shaft-Less Elevator.

This elevator fits in the tightest spaces. It doesn't require a shaft or a machine room. The site preparation is easy and the elevator is very affordable. This can be installed to pop through a floor, or attach to the side of a balcony.

  • 2 Levels
  • No shaft / hoistway required
  • No machine room required


This self-standing structure is 41" in width and 29"-31" deep (depends on configuration). It travels up to 13 feet at a speed of 30 feet per minute. The cab fits 1-2 people for a total weight capacity of 375 lbs. This cable-driven elevator operates using constant pressure, meaning you press and hold the switch for up or down direction.

Why use the Stiltz Duo?

The Stiltz Duo is the ideal low-cost home elevator. This elevator has a very quiet and smooth operation. This is a high quality elevator at an entry-level price. If you would like a glass elevator look, upgrade the Duo to the Vista model by swapping the textured curved wall with a clear polycarbonate curved wall.


Drawings & Guides

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Stiltz Duo US Datasheet PDF
Stiltz Trio Specifications PDF
Stiltz Vista US Datasheet PDF

Standard Features

  • No hoistway required
  • No machine room required
  • No pit required
  • 2 levels
  • Up to 13 ft of travel
  • Space required is 41" wide by 29"-31" deep
  • Same side or front/back configurations
  • Through floor or balcony mount
  • 230V, 5A or 120V, 10A
  • Battery Backup lighting and lowering

Optional Features

  • Clear polycarbonate wall

Stiltz Shaftless Photos

Stiltz Shaft-Less Elevator
Stiltz Shaft-Less Elevator
Stiltz Shaft-Less Elevator
Stiltz Shaft-Less Elevator

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