Park City, TX

Located northeast of Dallas is Park Cities, TX. Part of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, Park Cities combines two affluent neighborhoods, Highland Park and University Park, that were ranked number 9 in a 2000 Robb Report in a list of communities with the highest quality living in the United States. If you own a home or commercial building in Park Cities and want to provide easier accessibility for people who can't use tradition stairs, consider installing a high quality elevator or stair lift from Nationwide Lifts. We offer a great selection of residential and commercial elevators and wheelchair lifts that make it much easier for people with disabilities and debilitating conditions to move from floor to floor in houses and offices.

Texas is becoming a more popular location for retired people, and traditional homes that only have staircases can make it very difficult to move about and get from one floor to the other. At Nationwide Lifts, we offer a great selection of stair lifts and wheelchair lifts that are professionally installed by our expert team and feature industry-leading warranties as well as our 24-hour phone support. With comfortable and practical stair lifts in your home, you make it very easy for people with disabilities to access different floors of the home in a dignified manner.

Being near Dallas, Park Cities is also home to many small businesses and commercial buildings that can definitely benefit from having a commercial elevator installed. Not only does a commercial elevator give people with disabilities access to your office on another floor, but it can also be used for transporting heavy equipment and furniture that can't be moved using traditional stairs. Contact our Park Cities, TX office today to find out more about our high quality stair lifts and elevators so you can upgrade your home or commercial building.

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