Richardson, TX

If you own a home or commercial building in Richardson, TX and need to provide accessibility options for disabled people and the elderly, contact your local Nationwide Lifts office to get started on plans for installing an elevator or stair lift. Many homes and offices are not equipped to handle the accessibility needs of people who use walkers and wheelchairs. If your home has more than one floor, or if your offices are located on the third floor of a commercial building, you'll need high quality elevators and chair lifts to provide accessibility options for people who can't use traditional stairs.

Nationwide Lifts offers a wide selection of traditional and contemporary elevators as well as commercial and residential stair lifts and wheelchair lifts and can provide expert installation and maintenance for homes and businesses. With a 10-year warranty, 24-hour phone support and financing options available, Nationwide Lifts makes it easy to upgrade homes and offices with high quality elevators and stair lifts, so your place can accommodate people with disabilities and senior citizens.

In addition to giving greater access for people, elevators in commercial buildings can also be used to transport heavy equipment, furniture and other office supplies that can't be carried up and down stairs. Nationwide Lifts offers free consultations, so you can properly plan a new commercial elevator installation in your Richardson, TX office building by understanding in advance the costs and time it will take to complete the installation.

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